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Urban Life Advancement Center

We started in 2021 during the Covid-19 Pandemic to help address a growing need for the community. Urban Life Advancement Center is a unique Community Relations & Community Service Center that offers a rewarding and engaging experience for participants. We understand and accept our responsibilities, which is why we offer inclusive programs that are accessible to individuals from every background and continually strive to advance our mission.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower members of the community by linking them with essential services.
These are services some members may not know are there to help them. These services were
crucial even before Covid-19, yet very few low- and middle- class individuals take advantage of them.
Now, during the pandemic, access to these services are more important than ever. We are here to
bridge the gap and help community members locate the resources that they deserve. We also
provide 1099 work opportunities to qualified individuals.

Youth Vision

Urban Life Advancement Centers vision is to help elevate the consciousness of our modern youth so that they will mature into well-rounded adults that have a cohesive understanding and ample knowledge of the various pathways there are to establishing a solid foundation within their communities, thus becoming productive members of our society while building their own generational wealth.

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We are hiring. Easy work. Make your own schedule. Ability to earn $200+ a day.