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Putting the UNITY in CommUNITY


Urban Life Advancement Center is kicking off a Free and Affordable Healthcare Insurance campaign to increase the number of low to moderate-income individuals that have access to essential healthcare insurance coverage. Alot of our community members make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, yet not enough money to afford high monthly premiums or deductibles for health insurance. That is where we need your help! We need community advocates to let your community members know the services that are available to them. 

No selling. Sign up today.

Looking for a new and exciting opportunity. Let's connect.

NO SELLING INVOLVED! Get paid to refer services the community needs. Targeting starting at FREE & Affordable healthcare coverage. Extremely easy work. Give away incentives when people sign up for any service and join email/text alerts.

  • Company training

  • Sign-up location ideas

  • Daily company production incentives

  • 1099 position - work your own schedule.

  • Sign up today, start today. Sign on Bonus.

EVERYONE NEEDS Healthcare. EASY EASY EASY. Hiring in all 50 U.S. States. Immediate target hire in Texas, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Nebraska, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma

Awesome CEO & staff, LOTS of room to grow, travel if you'd like.

GREAT FRINGE BENEFITS. Vacation, cash, gift card, plane ticket incentives!

Sign up today.

We are hiring. Easy work. Help the community while making your own schedule.


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