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Community Advocates

We are seeking a motivated, self-starting individual to join our company as a Canvasser. As part of our street sales team, you walk through neighborhoods going door-to-door and to other areas around your location to speak with potential leads about our services. Low-pressure job. No selling is involved. You will only refer services

Community Advocate (Canvasser) Job Summary

 This is an essential part of our lead generation process and outreach strategy that requires you to have excellent interpersonal skills. Canvassers must combine customer service and listening skills with marketing knowledge to have the ability to bridge conversation gaps quickly and confidently. You gather personal data from your contacts and help them determine how they can best benefit from our service offerings. This best suits individuals who would be considered “people persons'', and are willing to get out into the population and/or are very active on Social Media. This can be a physically active position so it's best if you are able to stand and walk (or sit if using an assistive device) for an extended period of time throughout the workday, although you will do so at your own leisure.

Canvasser Duties and Responsibilities

  • Will be talking to people one-on-one within a targeted neighborhood or locality, generating new business leads with residents

  • Collect data on your contacts for future lead-generation outreach

  • Quickly bridge personal or conversational gaps to create genuine rapport

  • Upload new lead information and enter gathered data into the company database


Canvasser Requirements and Qualifications

  • Excellent conversational and interpersonal (customer service) skills

  • Multilingual ability a plus but NOT A REQUIREMENT

  • Working cell phone

  • Moderate computer and cell phone proficiency

  • Degree Level: None


Salary information for Community Advocates

  • $10 - $75 per (GOOD, VERIFIED) lead submitted, paid bi-weekly

  • Production CASH Incentives!

  • Gift card/Vacation Giveaways

  • 1099/Independent Contractor - make your own schedule!

Apply today, start today!

We are hiring. Easy work. Help the community while making your own schedule.


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