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You get 30 days from the time one of your referrals lands on our site for them to make a purchase and you get the credit.

Payouts are made via Direct Deposit. You MUST have an account that accepts direct deposit in order to get paid for your qualifying commissions. You will get paid on the 22nd of each month for all leads from the previous month.


Referral Affiliates


The Urban Life Advancement Center is kicking off a Free and Affordable Healthcare Insurance campaign to increase the number of low to moderate-income individuals that have access to essential healthcare insurance coverage. We're partnering with paid referral affiliates to help. No selling. Sign up today.

Having and utilizing healthcare is one of the core rights and responsibilities of American citizens. There are too many valuable community members who do not hold healthcare insurance and are being underrepresented and underserved at hospitals and doctors visits alike, which is why having healthcare coverage insurance is so critical to a strong community. 

You'll be collecting community members' requests for Free & Affordable healthcare coverage. You'll be speaking with your new and existing customers and whoever else we can find in lower/ medium-income communities and asking those people to sign up for FREE healthcare insurance via your referral link. Sign-up takes 2-3 mins per person. Want to join us? Sign up today and get started earning.